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Unlock Business Success with Ai Clone Bots in 2024: Maximize Efficiency, Productivity, and Sales Growth

We alleviate business challenges by providing Ai Clone Bots tailored to your needs, automating tasks, enhancing customer experiences, and driving efficiency across all areas.

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Fully Customized Ai Clone Bot

The future of AI Bot Clones is bright and full of possibilities. As businesses embrace Ai technology and incorporate AI Bot Clones into their operations, they will unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

By harnessing the power of AI Bot Clones, businesses will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Put the latest Ai tech to work for your business today and get a jump on profits.

Cut costs with automated efficiency, streamlining operations, reducing labor expenses, and maximizing ROI, ensuring financial stability and growth for your business.

The Top Salesman Bot

Are you drowning in repetitive tasks and endless customer inquiries? Our AI Bot Clones offer a lifeline. By automating mundane tasks and providing instant responses, we alleviate your workload, boost efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Let us transform your operations with cutting-edge AI technology. Embrace automation and unlock your business's full potential!

The Training & Mentoring Bot

We alleviate business challenges by providing AI Bot Clones tailored to your needs, automating tasks, enhancing customer experiences, and driving efficiency.

Our Most Popular Ready Made Ai Clone Bots Include:

Bodybuilding Coach

Weight Loss Coach

Financial Coach

Online Marketing Coach

Life Coach

Motivational Coach

Dentist Assistant

Plumbing Assistant


Let's Create Your Very

Own Ai Clone Bot

We Clone Your Exact Personality & Selling Style

Ai Clone Bots lets you clone yourself or any expert into an AI avatar chatbot with customized knowledge & personality that mentors clients, closes leads, and works tirelessly on your behalf to grow your business.

Provide a clone of yourself or a business expert who talks and mentors your buyers and visitors 24/7.

Put your AI chatbot on a website and let it interact with visitors and push people to give their email address for a free gift.

Let new hires ask your AI Clone Bot how certain processes work, ask for specific tutorials, and more.

Our Ai Clone Bots can free up your time so that you can focus on more important areas of your business.

Many people are afraid of Ai, but we say put it to good use; automating repetitive tasks, teaching, mentoring & increasing website conversions.

Boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance your customer experience with AI Bot Clones. Revolutionize your business operations today with a White Glove Personal Assistant.

   Virtual Kevin Johnston, CEO, Ai Clone Bots

More Amazing Features

Transform operations, save money, boost customer engagement with our powerful lineup of friendly, reliable & efficient Ai Clone Bots.

        Clone Your Top Employee

Pricing Plans

We have got you covered with various plans that suit your budget.

Ready-Made Ai Bots


Access pre-built AI Clone Bots tailored for various industries.

Features Include:

Customized names and contact information.

Monthly updates, maintenance, and hosting included.

Regular bot training sessions for continuous improvement.

Performance tune-ups to keep your bots running smoothly.

Price: $497 for the Chatbot and $39 per month Hosting, Maintenance, Ongoing Training

Bonus: Monthly performance analytics and reporting for unique customer insights.

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The Gold Package


Unlock advanced options for tailored Customized Ai Bots.

Features Include:

Priority customer support with faster response times.

Exclusive access to premium training materials.

Integration with CRM systems for workflow automation.

Sell physical products right during the conversation

Ongoing testing, bot training, and performance tune-ups.

Price: $997 for the Chatbot and $59 per month Hosting, Maintenance, Ongoing Training & Customizations

Bonus: Increased scalability and flexibility for growing needs.

Bonus: Monthly performance analytics and reporting for unique visitor insights.

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The Platinum Package


Experience the ultimate in Personalized AI Bot solutions.

Features Include:

Personalized consultation with AI experts.

Custom-built AI Clone Bot tailored to specific objectives.

Comprehensive training program for skill development.

Sell physical products & re-direct visitors to special promo

Ongoing testing, bot training, and performance tune-ups.

Price: $1997 for the Fully Customized Chatbot and $79 per month Hosting, Maintenance, Ongoing Training & Maximum File Uploads

Bonus: Dedicated account manager for personalized support.

Bonus: Priority access to new features and updates.

Bonus: Unlimited usage of advanced AI capabilities.

Bonus: Monthly performance analytics and reporting for unique customer insights.

Special Bonus: One on One Monthly Ai Coaching Call

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We Put You Right On The Crest of The Customized Ai Technology Wave

Working With Us is your Shortcut to Putting Ai Clone Bots To Work For Your Business

Customized Plan

Just like every business is different, with their specific needs, every Ai Clone Bot is different. We build a customized training plan for each unique bot based on your company's FAQ's and database.

100% Managed

Once you partner with us, watch your business soar while we handle every aspect. From content uploading to exponential growth, leave it all to us and focus on your success.

Experienced Marketers

Once you're on board, sit back and watch your business flourish. We handle everything from customized content training to growth strategies, ensuring your success every step of the way.

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Top Uses for Your Ai Clone Bot

Working with us is your shortcut to growing your company's sales and productivity rapidly.


You are an influencer and you want to skyrocket your follower count in a short span of time to build your brand. Our Ai Clone Bots can help you with that.

Business Owners

You want to get qualified leads from your website, so that they can buy your service. Look no where else. We help hundreds of agencies with lead generation.


Want to boost your product branding? What better way that establishing an authority through a fun & interactive Customized Ai Clone Bot and increase the popularity of your product.

New Websites

You just started a brand new online business. Let's do the right things to grow this monster right from the start. Put a Customized Ai Clone Bot to work.

Your Personal Expert

Having an AI Clone Bot mimic the expertise of a renowned industry leader has been revolutionary. It's like having the expert themselves on your team!

HR Managers 

Are you managing Onboarding for multiple employees? Let us take the heavy duty job from you so that you can focus on other more important aspects.

Trusted by 100s of Happy Customers

Working with us is your shortcut to growing your productivity, leads, sales, and conversions rapidly.

"Using AICloneBots.com for onboarding has been a game-changer for our new hires. The bot ensures a smooth onboarding process, providing resources, answering queries, and helping them settle in faster. Our team is more productive and engaged, thanks to this innovative solution!"

Peter S.


"AICloneBots.com transformed our prospecting game. With their AI Bot, we've streamlined lead generation, resulting in a significant boost in sales. THESE ARE QUALIFIED WARM LEADS! It's a game-changer!"

Ava Green


"Thanks to AICloneBots.com, our customer service has reached new heights. Our AI Clone Bot handles inquiries swiftly, freeing up our team to focus on core tasks. It's like having an extra, efficient employee onboard!"

Bob Taylor


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